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This year's double 11 online shopping home appliances to the home more accurate day by day to push up on time"

Date of issue:2016-11-14 12:58:55Reader:

??Once talked about the Internet to buy home appliances, a lot of people do not dare to try, and now, you will find that there are more and more people around the experience of online shopping appliances. Home appliance online market growth to maintain a high speed behind the back, can support the home appliance distribution of major logistics work can not be. The day before, Tmall said the main large logistics goodaymart logistics, large logistics has been from the "send" to "send fast" stage, "new retail logistics innovation, this year eleven key to give users" to "service on time, when the user is free to receive goods, logistics then sent to.
??Continued expansion of the scale of household appliances online shopping
??Online growth higher than the line
??According to the "2015" home appliances online shopping report, 2015 retail sales of home appliances online shopping (excluding mobile terminal) accounted for the overall proportion of the total retail sales of household appliances has reached 16%, and in 2016, home appliances online shopping market size accounted for the overall proportion of total household consumption is expected to reach 18%.
??Only the first half of 2016, the performance of the market has exceeded expectations. Issued by the Ministry of industry and information technology "2016 China appliances online shopping first half analysis report" shows that the first half of 2016, the domestic online shopping market of B2C appliances (including mobile terminal) amounted to 184 billion 800 million yuan, an increase of 35%, higher than the kind of goods online retail sales growth (26.6%), showed that after 5 years of rapid development, online shopping gradually become the mainstream home appliance consumption patterns.

??Insiders pointed out that the channel sink is an important reason for the continued rapid growth of home appliances online shopping market, the electricity business through the O2O to accelerate the e-commerce this more flat, transparent business channels to the rural areas covered. More important reason is to support the logistics capabilities of online shopping appliances distribution is increasingly strong, such as the domestic flagship logistics and distribution of goods every day, even as early as 2013, the investment from the Alibaba.

??Do not meet to send, send fast
??Day Shun double 11 push "on time to reach"
??As the main logistics of Tmall, day Shun logistics is the third consecutive year to participate in the eleven year, but also witnessed the gradual expansion of the scale of China's household electrical appliances online shopping process. It is understood that this year eleven, goodaymart logistics through a series of initiatives to promote home appliances and other big ticket online shopping "on time" at home, from the original to send to fast, to now arrive on time, so that the user can feel the change of logistics service quality in the "new retail Era".
??Day Shun logistics relevant person in charge, the big ticket online time to come home, this is the user wants to deliver home time, to this end the need for data, capabilities and services in three areas of security. First, the day will be the cooperation with the business lead to the stage of preparation. Brand business according to their own platform for large data precipitation, analysis of this year's 11 hot products and product flow, and large data sharing to the daily logistics. Goodaymart logistics using intelligent storage system, will be part of the category of products in advance to take the initiative to sink goodaymart 100 level three or four warehouse logistics all over the country, and to optimize the configuration and upgrade according to the data of logistics Lanshou, transit, each link delivery warehouse, personnel and vehicles etc..
??At the same time, staff will be based on the information about the product pre-sale orders in advance to cloth goods logistics goodaymart three or four warehouse and all outlets, most of the pre-sale is expected to sink in before November 11th, do a double 11 day focused on alleviating the pressure, on the other hand make products from consumers closer.

??Then, the user can make an appointment directly you want in order delivery time, logistics goodaymart lock time in the background through the information processing system, based on user appointment to push down large amount and sent home with the work ability of dry warehouse. In this chain, goodaymart logistics can make users receive the goods in the appointment time.

(eleven this year, the purchase of large users will be able to see the day of the logistics distribution logo)

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