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2017 new year action comedy blockbuster super express speed struck

Date of issue:2016-11-10 12:58:30Reader:

??2017 New Year's action comedy film super express will be officially released in December 2nd, which brought together Chen He, Shaw central, Song Ji Hyo and David Bell's film has not yet been released on the public's attention to attract a wide range of.

??"Super express" tells the story of the super courier horsepower was involved with gods for accidental events, stress in a mysterious sexy girl, to jointly deal with international thief. In the process of express delivery, between HP, sexy girl and the thief has undergone a series of whirling and hilarious adventures.

??With the rapid development of the electricity supplier industry, courier, logistics has become a popular daily life just as a large, goodaymart logistics leading brand, has been adhering to the "do you need me to" concept, focus on logistics for 17 years, and in the movie "super express" company pays attention to the user experience concept agree without prior without previous consultation.
??In the trailer, Chen He played by the courier delivery has suffered for hp. In order to put on time served, he abused injured all over the body: high altitude jump, thrilling chase, hide too urine attacks, but hides the rotten root bombing.
??In real life, although the logistics service personnel and will not suffer such inhuman treatment, but the delivery of the road is not flat. For example, in order to "you need me to" implement, goodaymart logistics service will not only physical fight, but also fight mental experience, "99 eighty-one", also will live up to the goods sent to the user at home on time.
??In November 9, 2015, in order to give the user to send the Xinjiang Nanshan washing machine, goodaymart service soldier Jin master drive to the south, through Turpan basin, through Flaming Mountains, through more than 1 thousand miles of snow after the trip, back washing machine, the snow will deliver the goods to home users, by users praise.
??In January 1, 2015, goodaymart logistics service will take the goods across the ocean, through more than ten hours at sea to send the goods to the Chinese Nansha city Hainan Island, the goodaymart logistics layout to cover the southernmost tip of Chinese.
??In May 2015, located in Yunnan China Burma border Lancang County goodaymart stores bell master received a large order, users buy two sets of dizun air conditioning, the early morning of the second day installation requirements. In the face of the user did not set aside the difficulty of the location of the air conditioner, bell master called the crane, regardless of profit, to create the best experience for the user.
??There are a lot of stories like this. It is understood that the day Shun logistics has been committed to creating a temperature of the logistics". From previous years to send an integrated, sent home, on behalf of the garbage, to this year's 11 pairs of preparing for the storage sinking, pre-sale sink capacity control and other measures, every day logistics is not always for the sake of users. When other logistics companies are still in the "fast" as the goal, the day Shun logistics has taken the lead into the "quasi" era, so that when users want to receive goods on when to receive goods.
??"Super express" comedy movies will be released, goodaymart Logistics Service Corps Logistics drama staged every day. Near the end of the year, whether it is to see the film or shipped large, let us together!

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