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Day to join the home together in large brands to promote large online shopping upgrade

Date of issue:2016-11-09 12:58:02Reader:

??Delivery speed is slow, can not be home delivery, delivery time is not determined, the installation of service loss...... Logistics and distribution of a lot of inconvenience to allow users to buy home appliances, furniture, fitness equipment and other household items at home to try and stop. The day before, goodaymart logistics to Haier, about furniture, Xilinmen, billion other home big brands, is committed to providing timely delivery, by appointment delivery, send installed one logistics service to customers, to ensure that this year's double eleven "do you need me to" enhance the user experience, to buy big ticket.

??Status: the new consumer needs quality logistics services
??In recent years, the double 11 is continuing to create the miracle of the explosive growth in sales. However, with the upgrading of consumption and the "new consumption" open era, low price, discount is more and more difficult to become the main driver of mass consumption, quality service, good user experience and brings recognition for the brand is becoming a key factor driving consumption.

??For the double 11, logistics has been one of the factors that affect the user experience, users are from different perspectives of the eleven party logistics double pain point problem: 10.9% of users believe that businesses slow delivery is the main reason not to participate in the double eleven online shopping, while 13.3% of people will because the logistics service is convenient and decide to buy which brand in which shopping, shopping platform products. Especially in household appliances, furniture, fitness equipment, electric tools and other large online shopping trip home, because the logistics service can not keep up, the user is still facing the logistics can not be installed to send one, go upstairs into the home, unpacking inspection, return material and many other problems.

??Initiatives: day by day together in the home of the big ticket brand eleven buy big pieces more at ease
??The day before, Tmall, the main Chinese large logistics leading brands of large logistics goodaymart logistics, Haier announced joint about furniture, Xilinmen, billion other home big brands, for the double eleven online purchase delivery speed large home appear slow, not home delivery and delivery time is uncertain, the lack of logistics distribution service installation services on the pain point, rely on goodaymart logistics distribution service efficient large logistics field for 17 years of accumulation, specification, let users not only good products, but also enjoy the good logistics.
??Specifically, goodaymart logistics warehouse, the use of their own in the dry, distribution, installation, repair, and LAN Jian, visit "part of the standard service ability and job security with dry warehouse, provide a nationwide logistics network of brands, and brand guarantee for users by about delivery time. Secondly, the users are most concerned about home and large assembly service problems, goodaymart logistics for the big brand home service will always adhere to the development of service delivery to send equipment to enter the house, but also provide users with professional installation, commissioning services, and complete the delivery to the user after the return to the user the problems encountered in use, the first time to give professional feedback. At the same time, in Lanshou link, goodaymart logistics has strict standards, whether to reject goods get back, or have the receipt of goods returned, can according to the needs of canvassing, on-time delivery, customer service for the consumer to lift the worries. Double eleven period, the day will be as a link to the logistics business and the user, through the professional distribution services to achieve multi win.

(day by day logistics and distribution signs)

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