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Day in and around the sofa together to create the best delivery experience sofa

Date of issue:2016-11-09 12:57:27Reader:

??Delivery speed is slow, can not be home delivery, installation service is missing...... For a long time, because of a lot of problems in the logistics and distribution, the volume of large, heavy quality furniture and other large goods to become a business online sales, consumers online shopping real pain point". The day before, is preparing for the double eleven goodaymart logistics together around the sofa, officially announced for the user to provide door-to-door, free installation, according to the logistics service about service, solve the user online shopping menace from the rear of the sofa.

??As the main force of Tmall large logistics and distribution, logistics goodaymart 17 years cultivating large logistics industry, is one of the largest national logistics network Chinese at present, covering more than 95% counties Chinese, storage area of over 5 million square meters. Day Shun logistics is currently in the warehouse, dry, distribution, installation, LAN, Kam, repair, interview, the whole process of logistics links have formed a standardized service capabilities.

??In feeder users concerned, goodaymart logistics will always adhere to the development of service delivery to ensure delivery installation, into the house and provide professional installation, commissioning services for users; in Lanshou link, goodaymart logistics has strict standards, whether to reject goods get back, or the receipt of goods have been returned. Can according to the needs of canvassing, on-time delivery, customer service for the consumer to lift the worries; moreover, goodaymart logistics customer service staff will be in after the completion of the installation of user visit, aiming at the problems encountered in the use of user feedback, the first time to give professional.

??Around the sofa was founded in 1986, is the founder of Chinese living room sofa, will be the first Chinese family tradition Home Furnishing life into the international quality Home Furnishing mode of life, so many families China farewell monotonous and stiff into the living room Home Furnishing, fashion and more rich artistic taste of the modern era Home Furnishing. The sofa together about goodaymart logistics, let consumers enjoy large logistics delivery of professional services, and with the help of goodaymart logistics professional solutions, the real business reputation, sales promotion to a new level.

??Hand in hand around the sofa, goodaymart logistics through cross-border joint large logistics service brand will achieve a new extension, on the one hand, with the help of professional bulky goods distribution process solutions, effectively solve the end users in the purchase of certain bulky goods when the logistics distribution problem, release the user desire to buy, promote big brand sales and reputation. On the other hand, through the logistics business to reduce inventory and optimize the supply chain, supply and demand to achieve a more precise docking.

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