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Day by day to join hands in building fitness equipment online shopping new benchmark

Date of issue:2016-11-08 12:57:03Reader:
??Online shopping fitness equipment how to do experience? From the billion health together to talk about the day

??The day before, preparing for the 2016 double eleven billion and goodaymart logistics goodaymart jointly announced by combining large logistics capacity and send million health products, to provide door-to-door, free installation, according to about service quality services for users, establish a new benchmark for fitness equipment online shopping.

??As everyone knows, fitness equipment, large delivery difficult, difficult installation. Because of this, for a long time, businesses can't sell online, because no one buys; consumers not to buy online, for fear of delivery and installation services too frustrating, wasted time in logistics distribution and installation, in case of fitness equipment encountered quality problems, return back to have a trouble.

??In order to solve this problem, this year eleven, goodaymart logistics and domestic well-known brand fitness equipment billion to goodaymart logistics will be installed to send one, according to the service ability about service grafting to the fitness equipment sales network, change the previous users for fear of inconvenient delivery and installation without online shopping of fitness equipment, guarantee double eleven online shopping user experience of fitness equipment, fitness equipment, set up the benchmark for online shopping. Billion selling goods to the cloth type treadmill will goodaymart logistics in 7 positions in the country, to achieve 7 national positions together. At the same time, goodaymart logistics distribution, delivery personnel not only to ensure that each treadmill delivery upstairs, and provide free installation, the product return pull service, completely solve the problem of users worry about fitness equipment installed and sent.
??This year eleven, shipment volume is expected to reach 1 billion 50 million pieces in order to allow users to buy There was no parallel in history., fitness equipment as soon as possible to reach the user's home, according to the model and flow of product sales data billion analysis, goodaymart logistics has begun to advance the initiative sinking million health products, the products of cloth to the nearest user store the product from the user closer, shorter delivery time.

??Billion health brand was founded in 2005, is the top Kang Technology Co., Ltd.'s famous treadmill brand. Focus on R & D and production of treadmill for 11 years at home and abroad have a reputation for several consecutive years won the first national brand Taobao treadmill sales, customer satisfaction is the highest brand! Top Kang Technology Co., Ltd. is a focus on fitness products manufacturing enterprises. At present, the main production of luxury home, commercial electric treadmill. The company relies on the American brand and technology advantages, "professional dedication" production of domestic commercial luxury treadmill and health products, products through the EU CE.RHOS, Germany TUV.GS.SGS certification, ISO9001:2000 quality system certification, is a focus on fitness products manufacturing enterprises, the only company for many years by the national sporting goods testing center of qualified sampling enterprise.

??Goodaymart logistics deep large logistics for 17 years, is one of the largest national logistics network Chinese goodaymart logistics at present, at present there are 15 bases and 98 shipping logistics distribution center, covering more than 2 thousand and 800 counties of logistics and distribution stations and more than 17 thousand service outlets, to achieve national zero coverage, to achieve the village home, according to some send installed, and installed to send one, full channel inventory sharing, generation of defective products and differentiated service identification.

??Day logistics and billion health cooperation, will set up a new benchmark for fitness equipment online shopping this year, eleven. On the one hand, by the large goodaymart logistics service capability, Yi Jian treadmill can break through comprehensive training, intelligence and other large, high-grade treadmill fitness equipment and other goods to bring the volume distribution and service constraints, using goodaymart everywhere as the logistics layout, sales do not dead, provide a new method for fitness equipment the popularity of home; on the other hand, Yi Jian treadmill can also use goodaymart unique installed to send one service, hitherto unknown to enhance the user fitness equipment online shopping service experience, and in the online shopping tide raging like a storm of fitness equipment foothold.

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