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Take the first ten Yisan more bulky goodaymart logistics by internet"

Date of issue:2016-09-30 12:56:32Reader:

??In 2016 11 Tmall all day long trading volume reached 120 billion 700 million yuan, the back straight up the results of the test or logistics capabilities, according to statistics, Tmall started 18 double 11 minutes and 10 seconds, logistics orders exceeded 100 million, up to half an hour earlier than last year's 43 minutes, visible this year 11 will once again challenge Chinese the logistics system operational capability "".

??As this year's double eleven, the day of the logistics in the field of large volume of large orders, double the amount of the eleven day of the delivery, the eleven day delivery of the three industry first, to continue to lead the bulk of the logistics industry.

??Logistics industry's contribution to economic development is significantly underestimated
??Logistics is an important link, promote the economic operation and the circulation of commodities in general, the higher the degree of market goods and services, the intermediate demand rate is high, then the contribution of logistics industry to GDP is greater. According to the National Bureau of statistics, 2015, transportation, storage and postal industry's GDP was 30364 yuan, close to the real estate industry's gross domestic product, thus logistics in the development of the national economy plays a more and more important role.
??In contrast to the huge scale, bring all aspects of development of the logistics industry in China lead to dislocation of supply and demand high cost of logistics enterprises Chinese. 2015, the United States to maintain the total cost of commercial logistics system for $1 trillion and 400 billion, accounting for 7.85% of the U.S. GDP, and in the early 1980s, the U.S. logistics costs accounted for about 15% of the proportion of GDP. In comparison, China's logistics costs in 2015 accounted for about 16% of the proportion of GDP, equivalent to the level of the United States 35 years ago.

??Recently, people calculations, if China's logistics supply and demand Docking Optimization bring average costs in the proportion of GDP can reach 10% of the world, then the annual total social logistics costs will drop 4 trillion and 50 billion of the space, with 400 million Chinese families to calculate, can save 10 thousand yuan for each family every year.

??Logistics is the future of the Internet and the entity of the connector

??Logistics is the delivery, which is a general understanding of logistics, which is why compared to the real estate "Gao Shuai rich" image, logistics in the minds of the masses of the community has been the impression that "silly big stupid". In fact, from a macroeconomic point of view of the economic and social, logistics is the normal operation of the social economy". In June this year, the Alibaba group chairman of the board Ma in the global smart logistics summit, with far more than the social logistics delivery, but rather to participate in the economic transformation and industrial restructuring, and even participate in the construction of the whole society the future of the world economy pattern. The importance of logistics with the integration of the Internet and the real economy further highlights the process.

??As early as 2013, the Alibaba and the day Shun logistics "marriage", at the time that is known as the Internet economy and the combination of the real economy of the landmark event. In the next 3 years, in connection with goodaymart logistics, electric vehicles, fitness equipment and other more large to Internet sales, people live in remote mountainous areas can also be assured that online shopping, goodaymart logistics service will refrigerator, color TV and other "big guy" moved into the home, and installed.

??According to the chart data for 2016 double eleven full network sales of monitoring, household appliance category sales accounted for 20.4%, followed by mobile phone 12.1%, personal care 8%, maternal and child 6.1%, make-up 4%. Among them, the sales of home appliances accounted for eleven in 2015 doubled, in 2015 this figure was only 9.5%.

??From clothing, cosmetics, and other small child play a leading role, to now as the representative of the home appliance big dominant, go to the eighth year of the eleven pair of quietly changing. Behind this change, the role of large logistics can not be.
??As a representative of Chinese large logistics, reporters learned from goodaymart logistics, 2016 double eleven, double eleven goodaymart logistics single day total volume of orders is 1.6 times in 2015, the day of sales is nearly 1.8 times last year of sales, the number of users served the same day also doubled over the last year. Double eleven day total orders, the amount of the output and the delivery of the user has hit a record high daily. In the eleven major areas of the logistics, the daily logistics of large orders, the amount of the day and the day of the delivery of the user amount of the first three industry.

??This year's double eleven, in addition to changes in a single amount, the daily logistics to adapt to the new consumer trends, and constantly expand the delivery of home large category, so that large logistics to more businesses, users to facilitate. In addition to the main home appliance distribution, this year eleven goodaymart logistics also undertake the logistics business more fitness equipment, furniture, electric cars and other new home products, logistics driven businesses to reduce inventory and supply chain optimization, reduce the contribution to the logistics cost of the whole society.
??In the distribution range, with the logistics network covering more than 95% of China's daily logistics network, this year more remote areas of the population can enjoy the fun of online shopping. Double eleven day, goodaymart logistics service soldiers through the car ferry turn way, send an air conditioner for a user in Long Island; in the village of Heilongjiang Hegang city has not long path, Li Baosheng old man received a Haier washing machine goodaymart logistics to the Guizhou mountains; Miao ghetto, first received the goodaymart logistics sent billion treadmill......

??Daily logistics speed up the whole industry supply side reform
??The vast growth potential to bring huge China logistics market scale and China economic development, determines the development of the logistics industry by any enterprise strength is not enough, not to mention the main practitioners China logistics industry generally very small, scattered strength, lead the industry in the region, the industrial chain of "eight they are difficult to get through, resulting in bad situation, no leader in industry cooperation, supply and demand of logistics industry to realize the precise docking basically impossible.
??In this regard, goodaymart logistics, enterprises must first open the introduction of external first-class resources use and advantages of resources export enterprises, to create value for the whole society, to promote the reform of the supply side of industry and society.

??From a practical point of view, goodaymart logistics to realize the transformation from the logistics enterprises to build a platform for business, small and micro car platform, through the mechanism of user evaluation and self employment, gathered 90 thousand cars and 180 thousand service soldiers, the introduction of social capacity and social order precision docking, significantly enhance the user experience; next, goodaymart logistics will help Tmall double 11 years of its activities, service specifications and service output the accumulation of a large number of users, in October 15th to start big wisdom logistics services home standard, covering "warehouse, dry, distribution, installation, repair, Kam LAN, and visit the" eight link, China Federation of logistics and purchasing vice president He Dengcai said, this standard value is that it gives the main practitioners provide a benchmark, provides a reference to the user experience, I believe in the standard specification Next, the development of large logistics industry will accelerate the development of the home.
??Internet to the real estate industry greater imagination, but to really let the imagination into reality, or can not be separated from the logistics of this connector. Through goodaymart logistics, can be seen to have a bridge between the Internet and the entity, through the bridge, the Internet and the entity is truly from the harmony superposition.

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