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The first day of the logistics of the first day of the logistics innovation business incubator results announced

Date of issue:2016-09-06 12:55:55Reader:

??November 26th, by the China Institute of logistics and daily logistics jointly launched the first day of the logistics and logistics training camp at the 4 session of the fifteenth annual meeting of the China logistics academic. China vice president of the Federation of logistics and purchasing, Chinese Logistics Association He Dengcai, goodaymart logistics general manager Feng Zhenyuan, senior research director Wang Chinese northern industrial company, China materials storage and Transportation Association honorary president Jiang Chaofeng and other experts, judges and from hundreds of colleges and universities across the country gathered in Anhui and Wuhu. Which lasted more than 4 months of daily logistics and a guest training camp of the record off the results of a grand meeting of the incubator, becoming a major highlight of this year will be.

??Setting up an open platform for college students to achieve the entrepreneurial dream
??It is understood that the logistics and customer training camp every day positioning as open, collaborative, win-win logistics student innovation and entrepreneurship platform, but also the country's first logistics industry record off platform. Its purpose is through the Joint University, the integration of resources, to solve the industry, the user's pain points while providing students with entrepreneurial opportunities, realize the dream of entrepreneurship. The first day of the logistics and logistics training camp in May 6th this year, China's smart logistics brand launched on the day.

??Since the start of the training camp, has come from the Peking University, Beijing Jiaotong University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other 12 well-known colleges and universities more than 200 teachers and students involved. In the camp 1 "enterprise investigation" and "training camp 2 colleges" stage, the integration of various resources, provide into the goodaymart logistics warehouse and wisdom and outstanding entrepreneurs dialogue opportunities for creating the students, let the students close understanding of entrepreneurship and creating business elite. The students also through market investigation and research found that terminal enterprises and industry pain points, integration of school resources, put forward specific solutions, Pk and concentrated at camp 3 "hit off the sword".

??After evaluation of 12 famous experts and judges from across the country, from the end of 25 plans to select 10 programs won the gold, silver and bronze, focusing on regional distribution, warehousing, business etc.. The Beijing Jiaotong University's "home large logistics distribution vehicle scheduling platform design" wisdom of the Shanghai Jiao Tong University, "large logistics vehicle loading and scheduling integration solutions" and the Anhui University "large appliances logistics and warehousing services optimization scheme" won the gold medal, Peking University "home large logistics supply chain solution scheme based on the technology of" 4 plan won the silver medal of the East China Jiaotong University, "rural home appliance" last mile "service platform" 3 project prize. At the same time, with good organization and participation in activities, Xi'an Jiao Tong University, East China Jiaotong University and other 5 colleges and universities also won the "day by day Logistics Excellence organization award" title.

??At the scene, very excited Lu Hengchao from Anhui University won the gold medal in the team learned that his plan, he excitedly said, "the goodaymart logistics activities and China Logistics Institute, let us have the opportunity to truly understand the business, to achieve effective docking of professional knowledge and practical application, let entrepreneurial dreams closer step. In goodaymart logistics intelligence warehouse after the visit, we aimed at the relatively low rates of pain and repeated use of warehouse space, interactive collision team and instructor, determine the direction of the project, combined with the current popular "black technology" the four rotor aircraft, puts forward intelligent inventory solutions. I feel like I'm CEO now ". When asked how the use of the organizers to provide venture funds, he said, they will be the day and day along with the logistics of the guests together to accelerate the transformation of the program landing, really let the dream into reality.

??Hatching outstanding results, to build a daily logistics open big ecology

??It is understood that, as one of the sponsors of the project training camp, goodaymart logistics has been 17 years of development, has experienced the enterprise logistics, logistics enterprise, enterprise platform three stage of transformation, now in the formation of a large logistics network composed of 100 warehouses, more than 3 thousand lines, 90 thousand cars, 180 thousand military service zero blind spots, high quality, quick response, accounting for 54% of the district achieved 24 hours to reach number 1567, 72 hours, to achieve national coverage of zero, so that each user can enjoy goodaymart logistics "you need me to" service.

??As the leading brand of large logistics, logistics in the day when the focus of its own development, but also focus on the future of the industry, from the standard, and many other aspects of the industry to actively undertake the responsibility to promote the development of the industry. In the standard, in October this year, goodaymart logistics start home big wisdom logistics services standards, the operation experience and regulate the output of its advanced, known as the "dragon eight" standard, this industry believes that the introduction of this standard will get rid of vicious competition in the industry price war chaos at the same time, forced the industry to accelerate the upgrade.
??In terms of talent, throughout the day in 2016, the logistics of a passenger training camp is an important layout. As goodaymart logistics general manager Mr. Feng Zhenyuan said in the camp 4 speech, goodaymart logistics hit off training camp organized by purpose is to let more students realize the dream and management of logistics, the integration of more resources, deliver more talents for the industry, so as to continuously improve the ecological logistics industry.

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