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December 21, the day along the line by the 2016 line of business ideas Fengyun Award Outstanding new retail warehousing logistics service providers.

December 14, 2016, China International Electronic Commerce Marketing Summit, on the smooth logistics in one fell swoop won this year's wheat award 2016 Service Award "Best Logistics Service Award."

December 13, a little information about the technology conference x, with logistics won the "most valuable logistics brand" award.

December 8, in the Phoenix network "extraordinary" General Assembly, the logistics along the day won the 2016 annual "Best Public Service Marketing Aw

In December 7th, on the logistics along with logistics company, in the "A New World" China Innovation Marketing Summit, won the 2016 annual "industry

On Dec. 2, the Company received the "Charity Award" for 2016 China Corporate Social Responsibility Public Welfare Festival.

December 1, "2016 Boao International Logistics Forum" with the logistics of China won the top ten logistics enterprises.

December 1, "2016 Boao International Logistics Forum" with the logistics of China won the top 100 logistics enterprises brand value award.

December 1, "2016 Boao International Logistics Forum," Shun-day logistics won the "double 11" most satisfied with the public express delivery company

December 1, "2016 Boao International Logistics Forum," the day with musicians won the most public "courier cabinet" Gold Award.


October 22, 2016, the day Shun logistics amazing lightning brother was awarded the 2016 China advertising the Great Wall awards interactive creative g

October 15, 2016, China Standardization Association and the big ticket logistics leader brand day by day to jointly start the whole family of intellig


September 19, 2016, 100 Chinese brand value 2016 release, day Shun brand value exceeded 20 billion.


In July 25, 2016, Chinese logistics goodaymart Logistics Association jointly sponsored goodaymart logistics creating Training Camp Camp 1 camp, more t

In July 15, 2016, held the 2016 Chinese APP classification ranking and award ceremony in Beijing, goodaymart express, from the talent shows itself num

In July 2016, Roca won the most innovative social service platform brand award.

July 2016, the day Shun logistics won the China Academy of Social Sciences Information Technology Research Center, 2016 logistics information in the f


June 2016, the sea trade cloud platform was named China (Qingdao) cross-border e-commerce integrated test area model enterprises.

June 17, 2016, the day of the logistics in Nanjing, held in the seventh China E-Commerce Logistics Conference to get the "China Electronics morning lo

In June 15, 2016, held its thirteenth session and the sixteenth session of the international logistics Chinese China international transportation and


May 18, 2016, in Huzhou, held in 2016 in the global logistics technology conference in the day Shun logistics won the 2016 logistics technology innova

May 6, 2016, sponsored by the China Federation of logistics and procurement, logistics, day by day, the "2016 China wisdom logistics brand day" indust

In May 2016, CCTV "topics in focus" on the haier group day happy home made titled "chasing the youth, don't do traveler when a guest" special report.


April 16, 2016, China Railway Corporation and Haier Group signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement in Qingdao Haier headquarters,


In March 2016, the second session of the 3.15 Chinese quality brand integrity forum, Roca goodaymart one gains the "quality and integrity of the natio

March 25, 2016, the day of the day to convene a large logistics solutions strategy conference, released day Shun large logistics five core solutions,


January 2016: goodaymart led the formation of e-commerce alliance Internet plus modern agriculture".

January 2016, the mall to join the mall in Singapore to join the brand of water purification, to build a high end net water ecosystem.

In January 2016, 2015-2016 ECI Awards (Aiqi Award) global annual electricity supplier innovation figure and organization awards ceremony and forum, go


In December 2015, in China (Hangzhou) International Business Marketing Summit, the day won the golden wheat Award for the best marketing award.


In October 2015, the twenty-second session of the Chinese International Advertising Festival Awards ceremony, goodaymart water mall won the "the Great


In September 2015, the "China e-commerce Expo, goodaymart water mall again the annual gains Chinese business innovation growth series awards.


July 2015, the day of the brand value of 16 billion 800 million yuan to 100 yuan once again nominated for the Chinese brand value.


In April 2015, annual meeting, in the Chinese wisdom city day arranges music intelligence to express ark platform with the last 100 m users the best e


March 2015, received by the Chinese quality of the line to promote the selection of the national quality and integrity of the brand outstanding demons


In February 2015, the tenth president of China Home Furnishing industry (Shanghai) forum "and" China Home Furnishing industry (2013-2014) biennial bil


January 2015, received by the media training camp winter summit issued the best innovative enterprise award".


In December 2014, won the "best business model for the year 2014" award in the tenth best business model Chinese summit.

In December 2014, won the "best logistics service providers" title in the twelfth session of the annual meeting of the Internet economy Chinese.

In December 2014, won the "2014 service providers the year award at the ninth annual meeting of China online retail".


October 2014, the day of the brand value of 14 billion 286 million yuan per day for second consecutive years ranked Chinese brand value 100, and becom

In October 2014, from the China federation of logistics and purchasing awarded "2014 China logistics innovation award".


In September 2014, the "China e-commerce Expo, goodaymart water Mall (www.0dv5.com.cn) special award" the most promising online shopping mall".


In November 2013, the eighth session of the Chinese online retail conference, won the 2013 outstanding electricity supplier logistics service award.


In October 2013, Become the first domestic brand value through billions of Internet of things.


In 2013 03 National Institute of standardization issued the "China customer satisfaction for eight consecutive years won the first".


In December 2012 for China's commercial association awarded the "national enterprise culture construction special contribution unit".

December 2012 won the China Business Association awarded the "China's first five star enterprise" title".

December 2012 won the "Global Entrepreneur" award of "the model of annual business model innovation award".


2012 04 months to get the Chinese home appliance service repair Association issued the "air conditioning support service model enterprises" title".


November 2011 access to the China Federation of logistics and procurement issued by the AAAAA class logistics enterprises".


01, 2011 won issued by the national standardization management committee "is the first demonstration base of Chinese logistics.

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