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??Gooday is a comprehensive service brands, haier group owns logistics day by day, day after day day by day the happy home, shun health industry platform, etc. 

??Day by day along with good faith as the core, to the community as the basic unit, to become the electricity era lead platform. Day shun logistics is big logistics professional brand in China, 90000 cars, 500 square meters YunCang, 180000 service provider speed loading, nowhere not reach experience;

??Day arranges music home is professional community life service platform in China, provide the origin specialties, Courier transceiver deposit, convenient service, the home station Health is a leading Chinese water every day, such as health, intelligent air home health solutions platform.

??In 2016, day by day along with 20.2 billion yuan brand value for China's most valuable brands list, up 20% from a year earlier, had become the first domestic brand value billions of Internet brand integrity.

Gooday logistics: big logistics leader at home

??Daily suitable logistics was founded in 1999, in 2010 incorporated in Hong Kong listed companies in 1169. The HK. Enterprise development enterprise logistics to logistics enterprises, through the three stages of transformation, and relying on the advanced management concept and logistics technology, integration of the global leading network resources, set up open specialization, standardization, intelligent big logistics service platform; 

??Day shun logistics always insist on the best user experience for the standard, relying on the core competitiveness of the four network convergence (i.e., warehousing, distribution network, service network, information network), providing supply chain integration service for the customer solution, has been for household appliances, furniture, sanitary ware, fitness equipment and complementary industry customers and users with complete category, all channels, complete process, integrated logistics services. 

??Day by day along the logistics supply chain management association voted by the United States top ten "supply chain management model enterprise in China". Over the years, day by day along the logistics adhering to user needs as the center to build the whole process of competition, win the market and social recognition, was awarded the first by the China federation of logistics and purchasing "China logistics demonstration base", the first "national science and technology progress award", the national standardization committee awarded the China logistics industry's first "national service industry standardization demonstrative unit", etc. "Chinese wisdom logistics brand day" was sponsored by the China federation of logistics and purchasing, China occupy the big logistics professional brand day suitable logistics to logistics industry summit, with "industry oriented, long-term, pragmatic" for the purpose, committed to become the most professional, most widely participants domestic logistics industry event. On May 6, held on for a year (" 56 "homophonic" logistics ").

Day go home: professional community life service platform in China

??Day arranges music home league technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the daily le home) is haier group holdings under the independent start-up, was established in September 2014, the headquarters is located in shandong Qingdao, the registered capital of 60 million yuan. Inheriting the concept of haier sincere forever, every day happy home needs of the user service life, establish a community of users as the center of the "community butler service system", to meet user "health food, family services and community express logistics", etc. The three core requirements, makes the leading professional community service platform. The use of more than 200 cities, 6000 haier service provider and 50000 service engineers resources, completed in 90 cities around the country more than 10000 community intelligent tank and station platform, covering 18 million users, daily average of 400000 active users. And by creating a win-win pattern attracts nearly all customer cooperation, meet the needs of the community service user's life together. Including service providers, brands and advertisers, agricultural products suppliers, financial companies, insurance companies, etc., to build "terminal logistics services, community convenient service, customized straight for agricultural products, and community new media operations" and other five value-added services business.

Daily suitable health: home health solutions platform

??Haier group's daily health, by the good faith as this, to the community as the basic unit, establish satisfy user's individualized demand that occupy the home health solutions platform, committed to provide users with healthy water, air, health, intelligent life whole process such as health solutions. In different water quality in the environment of urban and rural residents the same health drink water in the city, structures, community interaction platform, the integration of the world first-class resources, for users to customize the most suitable for personal and family health drinking water treatment; In the countryside, day by day along the healthy water stations according to different water quality and water supply, rural provide farmers health drinking water treatment. Water stations is net to healthy drinking water solutions, to build China's largest rural community, rural electric business platform. 

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